Yes, sometimes just sometimes there’s an easy way to get what you want. Such is the case with getting a bigger cock, and on top of that it is completely free. No surgery is needed, no money or pumps except a moment of your time. I’m talking about an ancient […]

Easiest way to a bigger penis!

This is a follow up on my previous article where I talked about the disadvantages of having a big cock. It made life seem very hard (pun intended) but regardless of the downsides I still feel very blessed, so here are ten blessings that come with the territory. 1. Confidence […]

10 advantages of having a big cock

Having a monstercock is probably one of the few desires all men have in common. Wether you are gay, straight or somewhere in between it is viewed as the holy grail of masculinity. It gives instant status and people from all walks of life admire and respect you without having […]

10 disadvantages of big cocks