What is penis enlargement? How do you get bigger? What is myth and what is fact?

With my self-help book “The Truth; How to grow a bigger penis” You will not only be able to answer the above questions but will also become knowledgeable about why penis size matters so much and how you can avoid falling into the trap of penis enlargement scams. With this book, you will be well on your way to a bigger penis.

Questions to ask yourself

Do you want more satisfaction in the bedroom?

Would you like to become more confident about your penis size?

Have you ever felt like you weren’t large enough?

Do you want to stop doubting your size?

Are you ready to take control over your sexlife?

Have you had enough of being fooled by magical penis enlargement pills and ointments?

Would you like to know the facts about penis enlargement?

Do you feel you would be more masculine with a bigger penis?

If you answered yes to just one or more of the above questions I’d recommend you to continue reading.

These were questions I wanted answered myself so I started doing the research about a decade ago. When I started out on my journey of penis enlargment, I had no intention of writing a book or even sharing the knowledge but I’ve achieved a blessed sex life and a large part of that is because of my own increased penis size. If my experience and knowledge could benefit others to achieve the same satisfaction and happiness in life then I owe it to myself and others to make that available.

Do you want a bigger penis, feel more masculine and have more confidence?

With my book “The Truth; How to grow a bigger penis” you will be able to change for the better, you will become bigger and more satisfied in life.
Try it out, follow the instructions and be ready to experience personal growth.

This book is a guide for people who wish to become the best version of themselves and to show a path through the forest of deception as penis enlargement is filled with scams and myths.
The ten chapters are meant to make you understand how to enlarge your penis, but also why penis size seems to be so important in society to both men and women.
I was able to get an interview with legendary pornstar Shane Diesel aka Blackzilla and discussed penis size with him so you can learn from a pornstars perspective.

What will you learn from this book?

What the ideal size is and why
The differences between facts and myths
The history of penis obsession
The psychology of penis size and why it is important
Understanding how to grow a bigger penis
Alternative forms of penis enlargement
Developing more confidence about your penis size
Understanding the influence of large penises on people
Increased sense of masculinity
How to avoid penis shrinkage
Insights by hung pornstars and size queens

Sneak Preview

Chapter 1/ Does size matter?

Once you understand our human biology and how it affects our psychology, there’s no question about it; size matters.
When you discover the why you will be able to justify the how.

Chapter 5/ Penis supplements

There are a lot of pills out there that promise you gains of several inches and in this chapter I explain why that is bogus and what supplements actually work and more importantly how they work. You will never be fooled by penis enlargement scammers again.

Chapter 7 // Penile surgery

What are the cons and pro’s of penile surgery. Will you risk your long term health for temporary gains and how effective are the permanent gains.

I’ve spent about a decade collecting facts and experiences while trying out the different penis enlargement techniques so there has been a lot of passion involved creating this book.
The book itself wasn’t hard to write but studying the science and busting the myths surrounding penis enlargement has taken a large amount of my time and energy.
This type of knowledge and experience is the stuff that most men can only dream of but it is available to you right now.
Getting a bigger penis brings men lots of confidence so it’s hard to put a pricetag on it.

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