About me

“When I was younger and still in high school, we went out on a field trip to the museum where I got bitten by a radioactive horse and I started developing a huge penis.” #truestory

Long story short, I’m a 29 year old personal trainer living in Amsterdam and am the proud owner of a big penis.

The reality is that I never thought much about my large size until girlfriends started pointing it out to me and classmates turning submissive towards me after seeing me in the showers after gym class.
As insecure as I was, I thought all girls told their boyfriends they have big dicks to stroke their ego’s, so I wanted an objective opinion and I uploaded this video to get a strangers and unbiased view on my penis size.

Boy, was I in for a surprise, nonetheless a very welcome surprise. I received over seven million views and hundreds of comments from men and women from all over the world admiring my size and I became an internet hype in the monster cock niche.

I made a few more successful videos but never showed my face before, as I wanted to keep the possibility of being a respectable member of society, nor did I like the idea that random people on the streets could approach me and say they saw my big dick on the internet. So I learned how to compartmentalize the two sides of my identity, but they are slowly merging because after hundreds of requests of fans I performed in my very first adult video called “Foute Meiden”and gave less of damn about being a “respectable member” of society. This is when I got the idea of starting a blog dedicated to the monster cock fetish, giving a little bit back to my supportive fans and where I tackle facts, myths and science to help men increase their size and awareness. If you have the desire to support or worship my monstercock feel free to purchase my merchandise and make sure to buy my new e-book.

Hugh Johnson