Easiest way to a bigger penis!

Yes, sometimes just sometimes there’s an easy way to get what you want.
Such is the case with getting a bigger cock, and on top of that it is completely free.
No surgery is needed, no money or pumps except a moment of your time.

I’m talking about an ancient Arab technique that was once passed down from father to son as a ritual to manhood.
This technique is called the jelq and takes about 5 minutes of your time every day.
It is quite simple but the technique asks for patience and dedication to build up a daily routine in your life.
Much like going to the gym every now and then won’t give you any solid results, the same holds true with jelqing.

Does it work?
I was quite skeptical about jelqing when I first read about it but since it didn’t cost anything but my free time I decided to try it out with surprisingly good results. I am not going to promise you an increase of 1 inch every week or month because that simply isn’t humanly possible. But nonetheless jelqing works wonders for the penis.
It increases length, girth and erection quality with the last two noticable within one to two weeks and you should be prepared getting rockhard erections. Length takes over a period of 6 to 12 months but it differs from person to person. I went from 8.5 inches to 9 inches over a period of two years or so but my excuse was that I didn’t really follow a routine untill recently.


82% gained between 0.75 to 2+ inches in erect penis size

Average erect length gain was 1.44 inches

Average erect girth gain was 1.27 inches

How does it work?
Jelqing is much like milking a cow, you have the OK handsign a semi erect penis and you simply squeeze gently but firm alternating your hands to the tip of your penis. Once your left hand is at the top of your penis you immediately use your right hand to follow up and repeat. It is recommended you use some type of lubrication but you can also try a dry jelq without lubrication but can cause an irritated or reddish skin.

As a beginner your fingers will start to get tired very easily so 5 minutes or 100 jelqs a day for the first few weeks are sufficient to begin with. After two weeks you can increase the jelqs to 7 minutes or 150 jelqs a day and after a month you go back to 5 minute/100 jelqs but twice a day, for example mornings and evenings. You can try out different routines to your liking but remember your penis is a divine tool so treat it with the respect it deserves and don’t overdo it thinking you can do 1000 jelqs a day and get a 12 inch cock by next week.

If you find yourself getting tired hands from all the jelqing or simply looking for a way to get even better results, you should try out this jelqing device which many people have succesfully used to increase their penis size.
This was a basic course in penis enlargement, stay tuned for more advanced techniques and routines for even bigger results.

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