What is the average penis size?

This is probably among the most asked questions on the planet that few dare to ask and even fewer know the answer to.

A lot of problems arise with answering this question, such as reliability of the case study meaning how do you prevent men lying about their penis size? Another issue is what type of technique do you use to measure the penis size? There is an established measuring technique called bpl (bone pressed length) which is used universally in penis size studies. But you also have people (including myself when I was a lot younger) that measure from the balls. This technique adds a couple of inches so by using this measuring technique I used to believe I was over 12 inches long in stead of my actual 9 inches.
Needless to say this measurement is incorrect and is probably why men usually add about 3 inches on top of their actual size.

The leading research institute studying penis size since 1979 is the Kinsey institute.
According to their research the average penis size is 5 to 6.5 inches in length and a circumference of 4 to 5 inches.
But who here wants to settle for being average?

Last year though a study came out where a condom business had told the men involved in the study that they were making a custom fit condom for men to ensure the men were telling the truth when measuring their penis sizes. The reason being that if you get a condom that is too large it will slip off so naturally the penis size measurements would be accurate.
Their results came closer to an average of 5 inches in length.

Which brings up a new question….
Are our penises getting smaller?

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